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These modular elements can be readily used and customized across pages and in different blocks.

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Basic Slider Markup

Sliders in Stack use the premium Flickity plugin and work by housing an unordered list .slides inside a div with class .slider

There are a number of data attribute options to customise the behaviour of the slider:

data-arrows=»true || false» — enable navigation arrows
data-paging=»true || false» — enable navigation dots
data-autoplay=»true || false» — enable auto-paging of the slider
data-timing=»NUM» — millisecond value before slider scrolls

Adjust Slide Widths

You can adjust slide widths by using the Bootstrap grid column classes on the slide li elements.

Slider Effects

Easily modify the behaviour of the slider by adding the following classes to the .slider element.

.slider—ken-burns — adds subtle ‘Ken Burns’effect on slide image

Looking for styled sliders and carousels?

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